About Us


With a unique vision for a classically-based Christian education, the Front Royal Christian School opened their doors to 77 students in 2005. Since then we have grown to 150 students at our New Hope Campus, which hosts nursery-12th grade classes.  We continue to maintain a low student-teacher ratio to ensure the academic success of our students, and are currently the only non-denominational schools serving Warren County.

Philosophy and Mission Statement
We are a non-denominational, classically-based preK-12 school. An FRCS education prepares students to become responsible, self-governing individuals capable of critical thinking.

The curriculum at FRCS recognizes the foundational value of Western civilization and is based on an understanding of the three basic stages of learning: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.

All students are expected to engage the classical curriculum to the best of their ability and are encouraged to build on strengths and improve weaknesses in a structured environment which stresses respect for authority and personal responsibility.

Recognizing the central role that parents play in the training of their own children, we believe that it is imperative to foster a partnership with the parents. This involves a commitment from the parents, the school and the student.